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We're taking a first principles approach to UI testing.

In a world where rapid delivery is the key to success, value is realized once the product is in the user’s hands. Production deployments deserve to be celebrated but we are too often left to clean up the aftermath. The slightest defects in a deployment can have a detrimental impact on user experiences and reflect negatively on our brands. Time and resources will always be limited and the emphasis will always be on delivery. We beg the question, how do we deliver a perfect deployment?

We’ve reinvented the testing stack.

At Testgram, we’ve built the next-generation test intelligence platform that empowers your team to operationalize real usage and behavior insights into the core of your testing decisions. We’ve created the Testgram Coverage Score: the first behavior driven testing KPI. Our platform uses this KPI to proactively guide your testing practices to mimic the behaviors your application sees in the wild. We close the gap between testing and usage with coverage, quality, and speed. It’s time to celebrate. Your perfect deployment has arrived.

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